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By:  Adaugo Ijeoma; CEO Concy Multi Business Enterprises

How To Generate A Business Idea

Do you want to venture into the business of your choice but lack the start-up idea or you have an idea but don’t know how to put the idea to action, then this article is for you.

Below are all you need to create ideas and put your ideas to work.

Good luck …..  Concy Multi Business Enterprises

Hope you wouldn’t wish to die penniless. Many people in our nation and beyond continue to struggle throughout their entire life and ultimately die wretched or at best penniless.

Truly speaking, most of them desire the niceties of life but deliberately or in deliberately never makes efforts to attain that desired state. The type of upbringing some had, the orientation of their brains have been stuffed with “make sure you always play safe” to a large extent is responsible.

The fear of the unknown, fear of venturing in unsafe ventures inhabits many people from exploiting to the fullest their innate potentials catapulting themselves into glory.

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They prefer to move with the crowd, the army of men and women hold captive by civil service mentality “Go to school, get good grades and look for safe and secure job” is their guiding goal. They pass the same orientation to their children, their children to their grand children and the circle continues.

Concy Multi Business Enterprises is an entrepreneur company that Produces verities of products as listed below at the end of this article.

Government are often blamed for high level of poverty in the land. A critical and dispassionate assessment reveals that we hold the keys to our financial liberty, only that some don’t know or know but are hesitant to them.

To be successful especially as an entrepreneur, you must Dare To Be Different. In fact, you must go beyond daring to be different. Think differently, Act differently and make your finances positively different! Run away from living an average life. Don’t be contented with being a mediocre.

You weren’t designed to be a mediocre but a champion. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Only ourselves can free our minds”. The worst thing that happens to many is that they die fearing to step-out of their comfort zone.

They rather remain where they are, earning the little money they are getting than delve into an unsafe secure venture. To be different means to think differently. To think differently is to imbibe high performance thinking, that is thinking and acting like a winner.

Positive optimistic mind set is the rule. That others have tried and failed does not mean you will also fail if you take a shot at that business idea. Probably transform into unlimited success.

You can’t even conclude if an idea were workable or practical unless it has been tried by you. You have wished to accomplish great things in your life time.

To become successful, be able to acquire things you desire, you can do it. Become what you have always wished to become. You must learn the secret of thinking like a winner.

These will immensely aid you in your quest to be different, to succeed where others have failed and become very successful as an entrepreneur. Yes, you can do it if only you decide to.

Recipe for success …never quit …always believe in yourself. …be patient. …be positive. Group your business idea It is very imperative to group your business ideas into tangible and intangible business.

Tangible business… This is buying and selling of items or products. Intangible business… This is buying and selling of service e. g artist, sport men and women, motivational speaker, presenter, stylist, tailor etc.

Where to source for business ideas

  1. Education
  2. Hobbies, interest and talent.
  3. Personal skills and experience.
  4. Mass media.
  5. Exhibition, seminar and workshop.
  6. Public, private complaints
  7. Government Policy.
  8. Research findings.
  9. Trend analysis.
  10. Rudiment skills and technology.
  11. Access to raw materials.
  12. Available natural and human resources etc.

Finally, you make SWOT test of your ideas and plans.

  • S………………… Strength
  • W………………… Weakness
  • O………………… Opportunity
  • T…………………… Threat.

After SWOT test you can now make a workable feasibility study of the project you want to embark upon.

Develop your idea now, and learn a skill today.

Concy Multi Business Enterprises deals on cosmetics production, baking, poultry and snail farming.

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Concy Multi Business Enterprises

Concy Multi Business Enterprises

Concy Multi Business Enterprises is an entrepreneur company that Produces verities of products as listed below.

We also guide and teach our clients/costumers on how to master the production of all these items.

At Concy Multi Business Enterprises, our products and services include but not limited to the following;

Livestock Farming

  • Snail farming
  • Piggery farming
  • Poultry farming

Food processing

  • Custard production
  • Soya bean powdered milk production
  • Tiger nut drink production
  • Coconut oil production

Catering Services

  • Pastries
  • Cakes

Chemical products

  • Liquid soap production
  • Perfume production
  • Insecticide production
  • Disinfectant production
  • Bleach production
  • Bar soap production
  • Rust remover production
  • after shave lotion production.

We also honour any invitation on life changing programmes, vocational training and skill acquisition programmes

Call us on 08135129932  for our products/services and skill acquisition at a friendly rate.



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